Wednesday, 12 January 2011

First appointment in a long time!

Today was the day I went back to the clinic to talk about getting back on with the IVF. I felt a little bit excited this morning, but decided not to tell my colleagues where I was going, I just said I was going to the doctors.
I had a good feeling when I was driving to the hospital as all my favourite songs at the moment came on the radio one after another! I also felt fine when I saw the hospital, not like last time!
Nasty nurse opened the door and I felt so disheartened instantly, I'd forgotten all about her!! I never liked seeing her as every single time I did, it was bad news and she didn't have the best bed side manner. But I just told myself off and said to myself that it's nothing to do with her, she can't influence anything, stop being so superstitious!!
Luckily I got my favourite nurse, and she gave me a hug and said how nice it was to see me again. We had a chat about the wedding and then got on to the IVF. She ran through again what happens with a FET, luckily I could remember it all.
I told her about the honeymoon next month and said that I didn't know whether to start the FET before or after it. She said she thought it would be better to leave it til after the honeymoon so that I can relax and enjoy myself, and come back refreshed and ready to go.
We went to Paris during my FET last year and we ended up bickering a lot. As I wasn't drinking and trying to get early nights, I was ready for bed at 10 and he was wanting to stay out for drinks and we ended up just being grumpy at each other all the time. I certainly don't want that on our honeymoon. I don't want to be worrying about how much sleep I'm getting and I want to enjoy myself. So I think it's definitely right to wait until afterwards.
I've made an appointment for 3 days after we get back to get going!
I walked out feeling good. I felt happy, smiley, relieved, and most importantly, READY!!

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