Friday, 29 January 2010

FET Day 5

Today is Day 5 of my first FET cycle. I haven't had any side effects from the down reg injection so far, I don't know if any side effects are common? AF is lasting longer than normal, but I'm not too concerned for 2 reasons.
1) My first attempt at IVF last summer was abandoned due to my womb lining not being thick enough. At the moment, my greatest fear with the FET is that this will happen again. So I think the longer AF goes on, the better my chances of a nice thin womb lining.
2) At the last scan I had after the miscarriage, the nurse showed me the ultrasound picture and pointed out where my baby had been. You could actually see a kind of shadow where the sac was. There was obviously still some kind of tissue that needed to come away, but not enough for a D&C. I haven't had AF since that day until now, so I suppose in a way, I am kind of cleansing myself ready for a fresh start with the FET.
I went for my first session of acupuncture today for this cycle. I decided in my last ivf cycle that I would go for acupuncture. I looked on the British Acupuncture Council website and found a couple in my town. I chose one, but it was not a great experience. I didn't feel comfortable with the man at all, in fact he was a little odd to say the least. He was asking me questions such as what is my favourite season (???) The room was very clinical, bright and white, he didn't dim the lights and there was no relaxing music. When he put the needles in, he manipulated them, and it REALLY hurt. He kept asking if the area had gone numb, all I could say was that it was hurting. When I left, my foot was really hurting and it was still sore the next day. I didn't feel relaxed at all, just really uncomfortable. He gave me tablets to take, which he shouldn't have really when I was on IVF medication. I made another appointment but decided afterwards that I would cancel. I rang to cancel it, he then rang and even texted a couple of times to make new appointments. I didn't have time to find a new acupuncturist before the egg collection, which was a shame.
In the meantime, my mum had been going to another acupuncturist, a little Chinese man, and was really pleased with him. So, this time, I've gone to him. I think I felt better knowing that my mum had been to so many appointments with him. It was a completely different experience altogether, I felt so at ease with him. It was so interesting to see him scribbling down in Chinese everything I was saying to him! The room was much more relaxing, with nice lighting and music playing. He put needles in my head, ears, arms, hands, stomach, legs and feet. This time it didn't hurt at all, the only one that was a little uncomfortable was my head, but it was fine after a while. He also had a little lamp that gave off heat and this was placed over my stomach and then my feet. I found it hard to relax at first, but I fell asleep in the end up!! He then took the needles out and massaged my face and head, then my shoulders and back.
I was so impressed I've booked and paid for 10 sessions!! I'm feeling much better about this FET cycle all the time, I just can't wait to get started properly!!

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