Sunday, 7 February 2010

FET Day 14 - You are what you eat

Well here I am , 14 days into my first FET, and there's nothing new to report. After Googling (I know!!) the side effects of the down reg injection I had on day 1, I haven't actually had anything. No hot flushes, no mood swings. Nothing.
My only problem at the moment is what to eat. I started off with my own ideas about what I would eat / drink this time around, but I've also been bombarded with suggestions from all kinds of other sources and I'm just been getting confused.

My own ideas

When I did my first round of IVF I got OHSS. To combat this I had to eat a high protein diet. Because I had so much fluid leaking around my organs, it must have been a strain on my stomach and it really affected my appetite. I just wasn't hungry and the smallest amount of food made me full. DF would tell me off that I wasn't eating enough but I just couldn't. So when I did eat, it was just protein rich foods. Now I'm not saying that this caused my miscarriage but I don't think I ate any fruit or vegetables for those first couple of weeks and I certainly don't think it helped.
So this time around, I have decided that I MUST eat healthily. I have been drinking more water at work, and drinking smoothies with my lunch and at night to up my fruit intake. I have been taking folic acid supplements since the beginning of the year. I have forced myself to eat lunch everyday to help my blood sugar. I have dramatically cut my chocolate intake to once a week and I've cut down on takeaways.

My sister, the soon to be Naturopath

My little (pregnant) sister is studying for a degree in Naturopathic medicine. Of course, she has taken a great interest in both of our fertility issues and constantly texts me / sends me notes on what I should be doing. So, since the beginning of the year I have also been taking a Vitamin C supplement daily. I'm not sure why she said to take it but it sure helped shift my sinusitis quickly last month! I have cut out all carbonated drinks. I am only drinking Evian water. This is because of the high levels of minerals it has compared to other bottled waters. I didn't believe her at first but I looked in the supermarket, and she's right. It has a really high amount of calcium in it. This also helps with her recommendation of more dairy in my diet. I've been having a piece of cheese with dinner. I've cut out all caffeine. I've been having some organic liquorice as a treat as it is an antioxidant, as she says I need to flush out my infertile toxins or something like that!! I have also been buying the Innocent antioxidant smoothies to help with this too. She also said I need apples and tomatoes. I have an apple everyday anyway, and I've added some cherry tomatoes to my lunch.


The only tip I've had off him so far is to stop eating so much spicy food, as I have too much fire inside of me!!?? I do eat a fair bit of spicy food but not everyday. I will try and cut down.

Twitter ladies

I've picked up on various tips from my twitter friends. @born2bamummy mentioned about eating warm foods. I think that's a good idea as some days I don't have anything hot at all, or most days it's just my evening meal. I bought some porridge today to have for breakfast, this will also help with my dairy intake as it says to make it with milk. @afterthealter mentioned about cinnamon. After Googling, I decided it would be a good thing to try, as it will help with my PCOS. Although PCOS is not the first thing on my mind at the moment as I'm not TTC naturally, but I am at a higher risk of miscarriage with it, and I DO NOT want to go through that again. So anything that might help is good with me. I tried to get some supplements yesterday but they were pretty expensive. I'll just have to sprinkle it on my foods, but I don't know what on. Maybe my porridge. @rosierattle also gave me some good tips on foods to eat and supplements to take.

It just all got a bit much for me yesterday. I couldn't see what I was supposed to be eating, and when. And just how was I supposed to fit it all in in one day?! I'm going to stick to what I'm already doing, I don't think I can do anymore. The changes I've already made are so significant, compared to what my diet was like before, so I'm hoping that this will be enough.

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