Tuesday, 23 February 2010

FET Day 30 - The Big Day

Well, I did intend to blog a bit more than this throughout my FET cycle, but to be honest, I just haven't had anything to say!! Doing a FET cycle is just a million miles away from a full IVF cycle. No injections, no stressing about what time to do them, if you're doing them right, no bleeding or bruising, no scans every other day, no worry about how big your follies are, how many eggs you're going to get, if they're going to fertilise, the list just goes on. It's been completely stress free. All I've had to do is have 1 injection, pop 3 pills a day for 7 days, then 4 pills a day from then on, plus 2 pessaries a night. Easy peasy.
So today was finally the day of the transfer, after a bit of rude phone call from the hospital yesterday, I decided that nothing was going to get me down today. I got a good night's sleep and woke up about 8. I took it easy and just waited for my phonecall. It was the embryologist this time, and she was really really nice. She said they had thawed 3, but 1 didn't make it. She said the other 2 were lovely :o)
So after taking our time to get ready (no stresses!) we made our way over to Leeds. We had a little look around the shops and then got some lunch. We set off to the hospital with 40 minutes to spare. Until last year there were 2 reproductive medicine units at 2 separate hospitals in Leeds, but they have now merged and so this time we were at a different hospital. When we pulled up I was horrified. From the outside it looked like something from Victorian times. As we were driving around trying to find a parking space, there were loads of little buildings, all boarded up with graffitti on. I was like, Where on earth are we?? It just looked awful. We couldn't find anywhere to park, so, with only 15 minutes to go, I told DF to just dump the car. I'd rather pay the fine than get totally stressed out. When we got inside, we found a brand new facility, it was all really nice, and I felt much better.
After a short wait, we met with the embryologist, and discussed the transfer. One of the embryos had thawed slightly better than the other, but they were both still good. We had already decided to have 2 put back in, and luckily this time they didn't try to talk us out of it.
When we got to the theatre they said my bladder wasn't full enough. Great!! This happened last time! I was desperate for the loo, but they said I'd have to drink more. So out we went for me to drink another half a litre of water. Whilst we were waiting, there was a man in the waiting room with his son, THE most adorable and cute little boy. His wife came back in after her transfer and started to chat to us, she said 'It does work you know' and nodded to the boy. It was really nice.
I drank loads more, and had got to the jigging stage, so they took me back in to try again, and it was much better this time. The transfer seemed to take a lot longer than last time. Or maybe I was just so out of it last time with the OHSS. It was a bit more uncomfortable too.
But Tony and Tiger are home where they belong now, I'm so pleased everything has gone well :o)

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