Friday, 26 February 2010

FET Day 33 - The 2ww

So here I am, only a couple of days into the dreaded 2 week wait. Generally speaking, it's gone ok so far. We came straight home after the transfer and I went straight to bed. It was my intention to go on 3 days bed rest, and literally stay in bed but it hasn't happened.
On the night of the transfer, DF refused to bring me hot food in bed so I had to come downstairs and lie on the sofa instead to eat. I stayed there for a couple of hours then went to bed.
I had done a big shop on Monday and written DF a list of all the foods I wanted during the day for him to bring me each morning. I also asked him to make me some porridge in a morning. Well on Wednesday, I got a chocolate pudding and a glass of smoothie for breakfast as he said he couldn't find the porridge??!! When he had gone to work, I found he hadn't brought me all of the items on the list, so I had to go downstairs to get some other bits. I also had a quick shower. Apart from that, I stayed in bed all day and night.
Yesterday my mum and sister came round to see me and said I had to come downstairs. So I stayed in bed all morning and then moved to the sofa at lunchtime. I stayed there for some of the afternoon but my doggy was driving me crazy (he likes to bark at other dogs walking past. Very loudly) so I moved back upstairs. I came back downstairs when DF came home for my meal and stayed there for the evening.
I think all in all, I've done ok. It's pretty hard to stay in bed ALL the time! My plan was to stay in bed for 72 hours after the transfer, which would make it this afternoon. But DF's mum and sister have asked to take me out to lunch. They will come and pick me up and bring me home, so it's nothing strenuous. I've had bad stomach ache since Wednesday night, which I think is more to do with my bowels than anything IVF related. DF said it's not helping by slobbing about, and that it might help if I move about a bit more. I think I'll go for the lunch.
I've been making sure I'm eating lots of fruit. I did buy a pineapple and to cut down on confusion, I asked DF to just juice the whole thing, then there's no stress about which bit to eat etc. But he broke the blender... I haven't actually eaten any of it yet as I bought myself a small box of prepared fruit to have each day, and this already has pineapple in it. So I've just stuck to that and if it works it works.
I've been taking a folic acid supplement everyday this year, along with vitamin C supplements. On the day of the transfer I switched to an all round pregnancy supplement. This already has the folic acid and vitamin C in it, so I've stopped taking the others now. I am to carry on with my HRT tablets and pessaries until further notice. It kind of feels a bit more reassuring that I'm still taking these, as last time I didn't think that the pessaries went on for long enough. It's all an extra helping hand for me.
All dog walking duties have been passed to DF for the time being. He is not very good at walking on the lead and often pulls. If another dog comes, you've had it. Last time I walked him quite often, and a few times he really pulled me which didn't feel right at all. So I'm not risking it at all this time.
My sister was advised before her pregnancy not to wear any tight or restrictive clothes from the minute go. So I've been wearing loose nighties and will only be wearing loose clothes for the considerable future. It's something to do with restricting the blood flow to the vital areas. Don't think I can go in jog pants to lunch today, so it will have to be a loose dress!
I haven't driven yet, I think I might have to tomorrow. I get pretty stressed out when driving sometimes, and I've noticed that I constantly drive with my stomach tensed, I have no idea why! So I'll have to try to relax a bit more.
I've got my first acupuncture appointment tomorrow since the transfer, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm going to gradually do a bit more over the weekend, but still take it easy. It's one of my best friend's birthdays tomorrow, but she hasn't decided what she wants to do yet. If it's a meal, then I'll go but then go home after; if it's just drinks, I might go for one while I drop DF off, then go home. I'll see how I feel.
I've had no twinges or anything to analyse so far so that's good. Just fed up with the stomach ache. I'm sure next week will be a different story hmm...

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