Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My awesome friends

Response No 1

I bet it does become a real burden after a while. When I went to see Tony Robbins in London a couple of years ago, we had to start each day by thinking about all the things that are good, such as...
- waking up healthy each day and being able to see and hear the world around us
- having family and friends around us that care about us
- being able to afford luxuries in life such as keeping warm, comfortable and well fed
Those were strange things to think of at the time, but I try and do it each night when I go to bed and it does make you feel better. There's a particularly nice quote from Dale Carnegie...
"I had the blues because I had no shoes,Until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet."
Don't worry about it though Fi. Eventually it will happen and probably at the most unexpected time.
You do well to put it all into words. And don't worry about crying - once its spilled over it can go elsewhere and not drag you down each day. Also telling people does help because it helps people support you in the way you need, rather than them guessing what's wrong. I wish I could have told myself all this jargon too years ago when I felt the same because the business wasn't working out. At the time though you're so engrossed in it all you don't think straight. In the meantime, keep exercising because it releases endorphines into the bloodstream that take away that down feeling! God I sound like an agony aunt...

Response No 2

I guarantee you non of us think you're being silly, so you can forget that one right away. I've just balled my eyes out reading that and really really wish i was there with you just to give you a huge hug and tell you it WILL be ok, maybe not right away but it will be. You've done the best thing you can by telling us all, now we can help you and i'm sure all of us will say just call or come round anytime for a chat even if you don't want a chat but just want company we're all here for you (yeah i know i'm miles away but others aren't - and the kettles always on).Sweetie, i so wish you'd said something, what you're feeling is, i'm sure, completely normal - you said yourself others explained how you feel perfectly.I can only imagine what you've been through, it must be hell and to have all those emotions and thoughts running through your head all the time i'm not at all surprised you cried and cried. love you loads, big hugs

Response No 3

Wow honey!!! My heads gone all fuzzy... was alot to take in. I can feel the emotion you put into that, was very strong. Let it all out, let it go, now it has room to heal. You always seem be so strong & together, but its ok not to be, its normal!! Its ok to admit your not coping very wel. If only we all had the courage to admit it, when we felt like that, thats half the battle admiting it to ourselves, it takes soo much more courage admiting it to your loved ones. Babes im sending you soo much love & healing... you will get there, I know you will. Am really proud of you for opening up... things can only get better... lots of love

Response No 4

hav been pondering over your mail all eve and havent got anywhere with it other than go around and around in circles.i dont know what to say, there is nothing i can say, i dont know how your feeling and everyone feels things differently and i havent gone through what you have been through. all i can do is repeat what i said to you the other week and that was that theres no reason for it not to work other than the unfortunate statistics that havent gone in your favour so far. But it will work eventually theres just no clue of when it will happen which is half the have to be strong and positive and battle on through it because its the only thing that you can do. and when it does happen it will be all the more special and wonderful and you will be all the more ready and the meantime theres no good bottling it up- u need to go to the doctors and tell them what you told us. you can see a councellor straight away and they might give you something else too as maybe all the drugs have knocked you sideways a little. You cant concider going for it again until you have got yourself sorted first. keep yourself out and about to get your mind off it and cheer u up. and dont forget to talk to me and mum when u need toxxxxxxlove u loadsxxxxxx

It's making me cry reading them again!!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful friends <3

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful friends around you for support. :)

Liz said...

I have just read your blog thanks for sharing your experiences. I have just started my own blog (not that I really know much about blogging) about my journey through IVF. I have been with my partner for 12 years and we are desperate for a baby. We have been trying over 7 years but I have bad endomitriosis and blocked tubes so a natural conception looks impossible :( We have our first IVF appointment on monday. Not sure what to expect at all? I had added you as a friend on my twitter account setup for my diary @ivfcycle and if you wanted to check out my blog that would be great. My husband has put a forum on it, I am not sure how it works but he hopes other people like us might find it useful :)

I hope you feel better anyway :)

Faith said...

I wanted you to know that you posting your inner most thoughts and feelings about your IVF struggle helps us out there who are struggling as well and dont know who to go to or where to get support because everyone around us just doesnt understand. So if anything, know that you are making a difference to those of us out there reading trying to find others such as you who understand and are going through the same pain we are... Thank you for sharing and for holding our hands as we battle with infertility and IVF...